Renew Spa Day • 1.5 hours - $195

Exfoliate dry skin with the Sea Exfoliation followed by a 50 minute Relaxation Massage. Additional cost for RMT if available.

Relax & Revive Spa Package • 2 hours - $210

De-stress your body and mind with a 50 minute Relaxation Massage, a Nourishing Hair/Scalp Treatment, and a Pedicure. Additional cost for RMT if avaialble.

Muskoka Day • 2.5 hours - $280

This ritual is the perfect introduction to the spa experience; it includes the Beginnings Signature Facial, 50 minutes Relaxation Massage, and a Manicure. Additional cost for RMT if available.

Holistic Indulgence Escape • 3 hours - $315

This holistic "zen" package will have your mind and body feeling relaxed, after an 80 minute Relaxation massage eases your aches and pains, our Holistic Healing Facial flushes toxins, lifts and tightens the skin and recharges your positive energies. RMT option not available with this package.



Relaxation Massage • 25 mins - $65 • 50 mins - $120 • 80 mins - $160

This relaxation massage helps escape daily stress and strains from our hectic lives. It is performed by a Spa Therapist - not a deep tissue massage.

Registered Massage Therapy • 30 mins - $75 • 60 mins - $135 • 90 mins - $185

Insurance receipt provided. RMT services are by availability of the RMT and must be booked in advance.

Hot Stone Massage • 50 mins - $135 • 80 mins - $185

Hot stones are used to massage the body, warming the muscles, and soothing away aches and pains. Provided by a Spa Therapist.

Reflexology • 50 mins - $95
Insurance receipts are NOT provided for this service.

Reiki - 30mins - $65 60 mins - $120

A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient to activate the natural healing process of the patients body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Only available May to October at Sherwood Inn



Beginnings Spa Manicure • 60 mins - $60 

Spa manicure includes shaping the nail, cuticle work, scrub, nourishing treatment, hand/arm massage, and polish application.

Beginnings Spa Pedicure • 65 mins - $70

Spa pedicure includes soaking the feet, shape the nail, cuticle work, callus removal, scrub, nourishing treatment, foot massage, and polish application.

Manicure • 45 mins - $45

Basic manicure includes shaping the nail, cuticles, hand massage, and polish application.

Pedicure • 45 mins - $55

Basic pedicure includes soaking the feet, shaping the nails, cuticles, callus removal, foot massage, and polish application.

French Polish - add $10

Shellac  - add $10

Shellac Removal - add $20

File and Polish Application - $20

Kid's Manicure (under 12) - $25

Kid's Pedicure (under 12) - $25



Beginnings Signature Facial : 50 mins - $125

Our Signature Facial can be customized to hydrate, calm, or purify your skin.

Facial Cupping Massage : 30 mins - $60

Using facial cups to stimulate fluid flow and decrease fluid retention in the face, improve texture and tone of the skin.

Gua Sha Massage : 30 mins - $60

Using our Rose Quartz or Jade crystal tools to sculpt the skin, reduce puffiness and fine lines by moving stagnant lymph.

Express Facial : 25 mins - $65

Kansa Wand Massage : 30 mins - $60

Using an Ayurvedic copper wand to stimulate collagen production, pull out toxins, heat, inflammation and acidity. Brightening the complexion

Holistic Healing Facial : 80 min - $165

Kansa Wand, Cupping and Crystals. A combination of all our holistic techniques to lift, sculpt, detox, smooth and revitalize your skin, clearing negative energies to align the mind and body.

Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology: 30 mins - $55 60 mins - $90

Facial reflexology is a natural healing therapy based on stimulation of zones on the face that relate to all body parts and systems. Helping to repair, prevent imbalances and to bring about homeostasis to the mind, body and spirit.



Sea Scrub Exfoliation • 45 mins - $85

This exfoliating and clarifying seaweed body scrub, helps eliminate dead skin cells, removes impurities, and revitalizes the skin.

Organic Sea Invigorating Wrap • 75 mins - $160

Perfect for times of overindulgence, or when you're feeling a little sluggish. The treatment combines wild seaweed chamios, kaolin clay, and chamomile to leave your skin invigorated, hydrated, and toned. Includes facial pressure point massage and scalp massage



These services are only booked in addition to massage or facials. Please note these cannot be booked with RMT's.

Shea Butter Hand Treatment • $25

Facial Pressure Point/Massage and Scalp Massage • 20 mins  - $40